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Gallery of Modern Art
Gallery of Modern Art Art-21

Modern Art of 21 century (Art project)

Our gallery of modern art Art-21.ru strives to express and create contemporary art. This is a very important purposes. Modern Art aspirations is an important part of life society. Our understanding of ourselves.
What is the modern society moving, where is the most weakest moments, might feel only artist. The society is unevenly developing and art aspires to help. In our art project presented several art genres: modern art, modern photography, poetry, literature and film critic. We will be glad to your attention.
And if you want to decorate your house with artworks of our art, then you can buy a genuine artist's canvas or print. We may create author's design with our artworks... Art director Ganova Ludmila,
Ket Gun,
Ilya Tsurikov...

gallery of modern art
Modern art