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The understanding of modern art 21 century, as an aesthetic category of major public consciousness don't take the form in our modern reality yet. Today we are trying to quickly find some political solutions to all levels of the problems that exist in our society...
We think that we can find a very quick and easy solution to all existing problems. Contemporary art, however, is trying to understand modern society quite differently often very unexpected for us. We are not able to solve many spiritual problems of our modern society. The point is contemporary artists, poets and writers are trying to solve those same problems with the help of the spiritual existence of the human been person and her life in the society.
The modern art now it is advertising well-organized business brands which is get engulfing the real modern art...
These business projects, however, burst like a soap bubbles in our modern time. For example, it's possible in this context to recall the famous business advertising project associated with the name of the artist Hirst and "Sotheby's" auction house...
I think that the understanding of art in our society connected with the concept of modern technologies offered to our society such as the Internet. The modern art galleries, which are associated with advertising the most unexpected products enables our society better start to understand themselves in a complex intellectual phenomenon, such us the modern art. It's hard to overestimate ... The modern art strives to create forms of modern life.
Modern art is tries to find subjects and forms that would speak on behalf of the artist complexity of his human life of it's own and only his understanding of modern art.
I would like to include to this modern forms the artist Ilya Tsurikov and Ket Gun with their famous Russian series "Russian brand" and quite unusual paintings - modern still lifes. And i think, you will be interesting to get acquainted. Also amazing series "Russian asters" in which the modern formal search for image, allowed discover of the fundamentally new art form. One of the most interesting episodes in their work is also a pictures of modern still lifes, in which they brought together a fantastic reality and modern art. And also their abstractions art works, which they have been created during in the last fifteen or twenty years... Thair Abstractions have new characterized ways of synthesis and understanding of reality.
In addition, i want say about fundamentally new form of creating art in digital painting : series Digital art (Altay mountains). Modern society is beginning to realize and understanding that it can't live without art, without spirituality, without searching, without these discovery and comprehension of contemporary life.
Modern artists - they are real philosophers and thinkers who trying first to opens and views and understanding actually catastrophic hard problems that exist in modern society.
In fact, it's important to understand where is the ship of modern time will be sailling, and what we are going get from this?

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modern art
Ilya Tsurikov

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modern art
Modern Art painting by Ilya Tsurikov

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modern art nude
art nude by Ilya Tsurikov

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modern art pictures
pictures by Ilya Tsurikov

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painting by Ilya Tsurikov


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paintings by Ket Gun


art by Ket Gun